Question 2080 ti Fe stuck 1350 mhz and stutter !


Jun 1, 2017
Hi I've a 2080 ti and since now it was a were solid card ... but yesteray i've done a driver update (431 of Nvidia website) and after a rebot my card start be very weird. Is stuck a 1350 mhz and when i try to change the clock or do anything with programs like msi afterburner or evga ocx just start stutter like a mad until i shut down all bcz i cannot do anything.
Is very similar to the FROZEN 2080 XC that gamer nexus find... after some researces I discover that other people that tried install drivers superior than 429 had this issue... but anyone have a solution
Forn now I've tried:
1)unistall drivers and roll back to the old ones
2)flashing my mobo bios
3)flashing my gpu bios (i've tried 4 different bios)
4) tring to swap in other pcie slots

but nothing appened ... still stick 1350 mhz under full load and is glitchy with every oc program... I really don't get what to do ... this stuff really happened for... no reason!
I've already asked to Nvida but they just pretend a video of this weird stuff to show their technicicians (I hope in an RMA at this point but i've some hope to save her")
So I'm asking you an help bcz I really don't know what to do now...