[SOLVED] 2080 with a 65 degree hard temperature cap?

Dec 20, 2019
So I noticed this very quickly when I got my new GPU, it is 6 months old now, (Gigabyte 2080 Super gaming OC, that's the name not a 2080 super). After looking at some benchmarks I decided to buy one, however in these benchmarks the people conducting them were hitting temperatures of up to the 80's, usually high 70's or that region. When I started using the graphics card I monitored it's temperature in MSI afterburner and immediately noticed it's temperature was very low when gaming, staying at about 40-55 degrees and never exceeding 62 degrees, no matter what stress I put it under. Now recently I began to attempt overclocking my GPU and found that it would instantly freeze up and crash whatever program I was using when the temperature of the card hit 65 degrees exactly. This happened at a number of voltages and core and memory clock speeds, even when going back down to previously stable speeds, because the card was hotter it would crash when it hit 65 degrees.

So my question is, has there been a hard cap on my GPU temps imposed and can I remove it? I would like to be able to exceed this value as it is very low and preventing me from overclocking.
System Specs.
Corsair LPX 3600mhz 16gb
Asus TUF x570 gaming
Samsung 970 evo NVME SSD
Zalman 750w 120+ Gold PSU
Corsair H100i AIO
Thermaltake Chaser Mk1 case
Thanks in advance.