Question 2080Ti getting hot with new monitor ?

May 8, 2021
Hi all, having some heat issues on my GPU after investing in a new monitor.

Getting specs out of the way.

MB-MSI pro carbon Z390
CPU- Itel I7-9700k with a corsair AIO cooler
GPU-Aorus 2080ti xtreme
Ram-Corsair vengeance pro 8gb 3200Mhz x4 (32gb)
RM750X power supply
Case-Corsair 680x
Windows 10 x64

The pc is exclusively used for gaming. I've been using the Asus Mx279 monitor since i got it 6 years ago or so and today i finally upgraded to a Acer XB3.
Gaming in 1080 never really bothered me...i could run any and all of my games on ultra or high settings without issue and without the 2080ti getting too hot.

I set up the new monitor after getting it. Booted up a few games to check it out...expecting the 2080ti to work a little harder then it had to before. But now GPU utilization is at a constant 90+% and temps keep going up with it.
I could be playing Total war: Warhammer II on my old monitor at 1080 and be at about 30-50% utilization and 115f-130f in temps on max settings. After playing the same on the new monitor i expected higher temps on 4k....but even 2k AND 1080 in game my temps are soaring hitting 170f+ before i get nervous and turn it off.
I tried a few games with similar results.

I don't mind changing game settings but im just confused why even if i set it back to 1080 in games im seeing such a change in utilization and temps between the monitors. Both are 27"
Time for a repaste on the gpu? I cant add anymore fans to the case...

Any suggestions?
May 8, 2021
They do.
Using warhammer as the example still....Same battle back to back on both monitors. Never went over 127f while playing the game on the Asus monitor. Hit 145 on the Acer. Same settings...both with the game at only 1080
Second i go to 2k my computer sounds like its getting ready for takeoff. Depressing.


Drivers be jank with some multi monitor setups, yo; makes the card pull more power.
Plug the main monitor into the gpu, and the secondary into the motherboard - if possible - and then update the iGPU driver if an update exists.
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Mar 11, 2021
Is this new monitor a higher refresh rate monitor. Higher hz requires more horse power from your gpu. Try to limit fps via software or ingame if it indeed a higher refresh rate monitor.