Question 2080ti only runs games if underclocked?

Aug 30, 2022

I bought a second hand ASUS STRIX 2080ti for a bargain for my first build but things haven't worked out so well.

When I installed the graphics card into my system everything seemed fine but when I try to run any game or benchmark it crashed immediately. I installed a fresh version of windows with the latest drivers; checked that PSU and all the cables are connected correctly and the problem persisted. (I also noted that the GPU temps never went above 65ºC)

After messing a little bit with the core clock in afterburner I realized that the graphics card is stable and doesn't crash if I set it to minus 300Mhz.

It looks like an hardware issue to me, is the actual GPU toast? Maybe a VRM issue? Just wondering if anyone has haver encountered this issue.

Thanks in advance.
It's a sign of a dying GPU unfortunately. Every "fix" is temporary and will eventually stop working. After some time -300 won't be enough and will need more reduction IF you are lucky.

If possible, return the card and get your money back. It was not a bargain at all.
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