[SOLVED] 2200g poor performance, low watts

Nov 27, 2020
asrock 450m-hdv mobo
2200g cpu
ballistix 3000mhz ram
1650 super gpu
seasonic 450 gold psu

i'm no computer wizard. doom eternal and ac odyssey fall on their face and i think it is the cpu. the games stutter and ac odyssey will pause on the water with graphics still going while it loads what is next. the cpu is always at 100% but only pulls 15w according to core temp, and i am getting about half of the frames i expect at 1080p. the cpu claims it is 65w tdp and i suspect low power to cpu is bottle necking everything else. heaven benchmark does not max out the cpu so it gets all the frames i would expect and runs super smooth, but the power draw on core temp is always below 15w. hopefully someone can help me with this as i am baffled at this point.