Question 24 or 27 inch monitor?

Apr 21, 2019
So I looked online and find mixed messages, so I’m going to ask for other people’s opinions. I found a monitor, qhd wide, 144hz, and 1ms response time. I can get it as 24-inch, or a 27-inch. The 27-inch is about $370, the s4-inch is $330, the only difference is the screen size. There is also a 1080p option at 240hz (27-inch: $370, 24-inch: $290), but I don’t think I should get that unless someone else thinks so. (And another at 1080p, 144hz (27-inch: $300, 24-inch: $200), but I don’t think so, but I’m still putting this out there.) I’m going to do some competitive fast paced gaming. The screen might be 9 or 10 inches from my face. Right now I’m using an old tv from my basement (says it’s 1080p, 60hz, I’m not sure of that though, I don’t know the response time but it’s high enough to be slightly noticible.) I think my tv is bottlenecking my actual pc build. My budget is around $200-$300, but I can wait and save if it means a good monitor. Thanks for reading this, I just want a second opinion, some advice on this and what I should spend my money on.