Question 24 pin ATX12V adapters

Jan 25, 2023
Adapting an old power supply for external applications. Wondering, after searching hoping to find, if there are any type of adapters that would attach to the 24 pin connection that would provide;
  1. a power switch and
  2. branching out with the other voltage connections being separated for external uses.

From a previous post of mine I am closing in on a project and would like to keep everything clean using available adapters instead of snipping and soldering wires together, if possible. I'll adapt on the fly if there isn't simple options available.



Noted: "instead of snipping and soldering wires together, if possible ".


However, rather than trusting or relying on some third party product / adapter I suggest continuing with DIY.

Use an inline power switch. Also use some splicing for the branches. No need to solder: there are a wide varity of connectors made for such purposes.

Google "no solder wire connectors". Many choices.

Consider combinations of "quick connect and disconnects" for the required wiring. Especially the inline switch.

And shrink tubing may prove helpful as well. Easy to size, cut, and apply. Plan in some extra length for all of the wires in case a connection fails or goes bad.

Breadboard it all first to test. Make the connections and if all is well then go forward with the project.

If there is a problem then a "do-over" will be much easier.

Depending on where you live you may be able to find the necessary connectors in some big box chain store - electrical department. Many such stores now carry small connectors for low voltage use.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
Jan 25, 2023
Guess my laziness was showing. lol

You are right, plus, I can customize it to suit whatever need that presents itself. Advice taken and well received. Thanks Ralston. Necessity, the mother of invention.