Question 24 pin connected 4+8 pin power on 4 lights blink nothings happens.

Jan 29, 2021
I got a new Mpg X570 and Ryzen 3600 2-3600 16gb sticks ram =36 gb WD SN 570 no additional video card.. new build. After mounting everything press power nothing.
Checked all connections -good
Check for short -none
Trade power supply with my older pc that is working . After install old P S- nother new P S installed on old pc - Good
So get another new MB x570 install everything on cardboard without installing in case press power - nothing check connection-good.
Still not powering up. So decided to install old PS new MB 3rd atemped omg got it to power up - running good.
Next day not powering up. OK so old PS is 800w new is 1050w yes over kill but it's what I wanted. NEW PS WORK GOOD ON OLD PC.
DECIDE TO FOR THE FUN OF IT UNHOOKED THE 8pin and the 4pin leaving only the 24 pin . Press power it has isome life but not all. 1 Cpu light is on
so hooked 4pin 1 light blinks and nothing
Unhook 4 pin hook 8 pin
Press power 4 light blink and nothing. I also tried with out ram with cpu nothing at all either.
What could be going wrong with this. 2 MB new and old power supply no video card nothing left. This has been the craziest thing I have experienced. I know it's something stupid. Oh yeah I rest the batt with cap and made sure to take it off. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Jan 24, 2021
Hi, you need a graphics card in order to run a Ryzen CPU, anything that uses a PCIe slot will work if you're not looking to run GPU-intensive tasks