Discussion 240hz IPS Monitor: Acer Nitro XV273 Xbmiiprzx vs. ViewSonic Elite XG270

Sep 3, 2019
Hi, everyone. Hopefully this is the correct place on the forum for this discussion.

I've been wanting to purchase a second monitor, and since I've never had a gaming monitor I need some advice. I recently upgraded my GPU to an EVGA 2080 Ti (I got this as a gift from my brother), and play competitive games, especially FPS titles, several times per week. I also work from home half of the week as a full stack developer, and would like my gaming monitor to at least be functional for work-related tasks alongside my current monitor. I was considering getting a 144hz monitor, but I would like to get the most out of my 2080 Ti and aim for 240hz on a 1920x1080 display; in other words, high frame rate is the most important feature of the monitor I would like to purchase.

As far as I can tell, only two monitors on the market sport 240hz IPS panels that are G-Sync compatible:

Acer Nitro XV273 Xbmiiprzx
ViewSonic Elite XG270

I'm not really sure which I should choose, as both monitors have pretty good reviews on Amazon. Since I've only been gaming on a PC for about a year I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. Maybe there's even a compelling reason that I should purchase a 144hz IPS display instead; I'm open to suggestions. To be honest, money is not an issue in my purchase decision.

To summarize, I'm looking for a high quality, reliable gaming monitor with an IPS panel and G-Sync compatibility that will also be useful for productivity.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.

Geoff Clements

Oct 13, 2015
I'm in a similar boat as you trying to decide between these two monitors. I think I might wait for the 24.5in versions of them though.

Anyway there is an excellent review of the Nitro XV273 X here: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/acer_nitro_xv273x.htm

Rtings is in the process of reviewing the XG270 right now.

Since they use the same panel I'd expect very similar performance from both of them. I lean towards the ViewSonic because of the collab with BlurBusters on motion blur reduction.