Question 2560x1440 (in 30") vs. 1920x1080 (in 27") a little advice needed


Jun 10, 2006
Was hoping if someone could share their personal experience or provide the pixel count on the two.

The native monitor size for 1080 would be on a 24" inch and I have been on this a long time. While a 1440's would be on a 27"

For some reasons and my computing usage. I tend to like things appearing abit bigger but yet do not want to see the individual pixels.. For that strange reasons I had been compelled to purchase an odd sized 25" and running 1080 on it for sometime. But haven't got about it as monitors offered in this size, or in 26" are far but few. And they aren't really good models with good spec.

I would probably also be building a full new PC in the coming year with new parts and gpu.. So now I've begun to also consider 1440..

My question would be as per my title. Would a 1080 setting look more pixelated on a 27" after its been 'blown' up or would a 1440 look worst on a 30"? If I would still want acceptable sharpness which should I go for?

Perhaps another easier way to explain this is like on a phone screen, same resolution.. Say comparing 3 phones.. in 2880x1440 and with 538 pixel count. Lets say jus purely for example, it comes in 5.0" , and 5.4" and 5.5" where 5.0" is native and 5.5" is where the pixels begin to look obvious while I realised in 5.4'' it's still perfectly acceptable and looks fine. That would be what I want to go for.

Could anyone advice me which would be sharper/less blown? A 1920x1080 in 27" or 2560x1440 in 30"?

I would appreciate if you could share your personal experiences as well as the numbers /data if there are any.

Thank you so much!