[SOLVED] 2600k or 3770k - Final Answer?


Nov 4, 2020
Not sure to pick, if I'm buying a 2600k or 3770k.

There's a lot of discussion about the ups and downs between these two processors.

NOW, I want to know the "not-so-sure-final-answer" about these i7 Cpu's. I researched them both for 3 months now but still not really sure about of how I'm gonna pick for saving my money to waste.

For the 2600k, the problem I saw here is the hardware downgrades. (1) I saw that the Memory Speed can only read for about 1066 to 1333 Mhz (Buying a Two 8GB 1600 MHz Memory Card). Now "some people" says that the RAM speed matters and others don't. It's 2020 (the worst time of the Year, but for Introvert's and Gamers, maybe a good time?) so does RAM speed do really matter? Even though Linus said something about this but I really wanna make sure in this intelligent people of this forum if it does now or not. (2) The PCIe x16 went to 2.0 not 3.0 even though the motherboard supports Gen 3.0. The Processor affected that too. Does the performance decrease drastically or not? I'm planning to install an AMD R9 280X that has Gen 3.0 Support. The Bandwidth Speed of both Gen is really far If I guess so. So does it really affect the performance that much? Now that's all my research for that Processor.

Now for the other one!

For the 3770K, now the good thing about this is the Memory Speed can go now to 1333 to 1600 MHz and it has PCIe x16 Gen 3.0 now. But my curiosity of me is that some people said that the problem of this Processor is the "Temperature Problem". So the thermal compound inside of this Cpu is said, "Not Very Good". It can cause of overheating of the processor and you have to "delid" it ( idk the spelling and didn't know you can do that so apologies) and then open it then put a new thermal compound inside and the close it so it may work smoothly again. So that's a lot of work and may damage or break completely because of that happening if I may so imagine it. That research is done for me so that's all I know about that one.

About the speed comparison of those two is said it's just 3 or 5% faster than the 2600k. It's not a lot of margin between those two.

So the question. What do I wanna pick? The 2600k that has downgrades for the memory and PCIe or 3770k that has an overheating problem but faster speed by little?

It's 2 AM in the morning but still cannot sleep to this and I can't believe how far I wrote this in a Phone. So please make a good answer for this 'cause I don't want this long essay to go to waste.
Thank You Very Much!!!

Man, I wish my Essays we're this long in my School Homeworks and Research. But I really suck at other subjects essays.
Dec 24, 2020
Not sure to pick, if I'm buying a 2600k or 3770k.
Hi, you won't see any big difference between those two. First of all you need either OC one of those to be happy with their performance in 2020/21. Also both i7s can use faster rams (mine i7-2600k goes right now with 2x8gb 2133mhz ddr3). About PCIe i recommend you this clip from youtube and make decision by yourself is this is a big deal -
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usruvtGfIt8

I suggest you to take just newer one or cheaper (and take better gpu instead of this)