Question 2667mhz ML16 vs 3200mhz ML22

Nov 14, 2021
I have bought a legion 5 which doesn’t have xmp support. I bought some crucial ballistic 3200mhz ram before finding this out. It only runs at 2667mhz. I can return it and get some 3200mhz however it will run at ML22 instead of the ML16 for the ballistic ram. Should I return keep the ballistic ram or should I buy some new ram at 3200mhz ML22


ML? Magnetic Levitation? Memory Latency? Something else?

In any event, it is CL, as in CAS Latency.
And the whole set of numbers, e.g 15-16-16-35, is called Memory Timings.


To know which of the two is be more beneficial, lets put the frequency and latency into nanoseconds, with a formula of:
(cas latency/ram speed) x 2000 = latency in nanoseconds

So, with that, we get:
(16/2667) x 2000 = 11.998 nanoseconds
(22/3200) x 2000 = 13.75 nanoseconds

With this, slower frequency (2667 Mhz) but also smaller CAS Latency (CL16) RAM, is overall quicker, than higher frequency and bigger CAS Latency RAM, that you plan to buy.
For example, i'm using 3000Mhz CL15 RAM, which translates into: (15/3000) x 2000 = 10 nanoseconds of latency. Not too shabby. :sol:

Any more questions?
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