[SOLVED] 27’ monitors - need help.


May 22, 2017
Hey Guys,

I am into buying a new monitor. I have got two options to choose from and I am not exactly sure what to get. I am on a Samsung C24FG70 monitor, but I need to get a 27’ as it’s way better for multitasking as well as I am tired of all the motion blur and ghosting happening on my VA panel.

The monitors that I am choosing out of:
-LG 27GL63T (1080p IPS 1ms) - 1099PLN/284USD
-Acer ED273URPBIDPX (1440p VA 4ms) - 860PLN/222USD

I’ve had some acer products and never quite like them but both of the monitors are on sale right now and I can get them a lot cheaper then they usualy are in Poland.
I need to say that the ghosting is quite killing me and I don’t know if it makes sense to buy a VA 1440p monitor instead of 1080p IPS for gaming, Music production and programming (mainly VS and VS Code).

I’ve heard that not all of the 27’ 1080p monitors are bad for pixel dencity. What do you think?

I’ve got a pretty good PC with ryzen 7 3700x and gtx 1080ti so I can easily handle both resolution at max 144hz framerate at most games.

I need as much feedback as possible, so if you are reading this post please put your feedback and thoughts down below, as it might help.

One of my monitors is IPS 27 inch 1080p. It’s ok for video and gaming but I do not like anything with text. Working in Office applications and anything with text is annoying, the text is just not sharp.