Question 27' Display for photo editing

May 25, 2019
I'm looking for new display for photo editing: portraits, events in lightroom and Photoshop... But also for general use: playing games (FPS like PUBG, RPG like Witcher etc.) and watching movies.
So most important would be sRGB coverage, low delta E, good screen uniformity aaaand reasonable input lag for gaming (obviously i cant expect 144Hz in graphic design display).

Budget: 500-800 $
Size? currently I'm using 24' and i want something bigger so: 27-32'
I have issue about choosing resolution, some say that 4k on 27-32 is to much for working on windows, even with text scaling to 150%. Assuming that QHD is best option. But in other hand 4k will be better for movies and would downscale better to 1080p in games (my GTX970 sweet spot is 1080p).

My picks after reading reviews and opinions:
NEC EA271Q: probably lowest IPS glow and best uniformity, also hardware calibration... But "only" QHD, high input lag and rather expensive
Acer PE270K: high contrast(for IPS), 4k, monitor hood included, poor uniformity( Image homogeneity)
NEC EA275WMI: older than EA271Q but much cheaper, also QHD, worse blacks, even higher input lag
NEC EA275UHD discounted but found on local 'ebay'. Same generation as EA275WMI but with 4k.
BENQ PD2700U: 4k, reasonable price, weak uniformity,5975-6.html