Question 27 inch vs 24 inch 1080p curved vs 27inch 1440p curved

Mar 14, 2020
So, I was thinking of buying a triple monitor setup and I am really confused should I get flat or curved , should it be fhd or qhd , what should be it's size .....and 24inch curved monitor worth it or not as 27 inch qhd on the pricier side as in India it's cost nearly 550$ for if anyone can help me i will be really thankful to him ....
Is this for gaming? (I figure it must be since you're quoting relatively high prices for 27" QHD monitors, so you must be looking at ~144Hz models)

Full disclosure -
  • I have a Samsung C27HG70. Curved, 27", 1440p, VA, 48-144Hz FreeSync, HDR600 at home.
  • Before that, I had an Asus Flat 24" 1080p, IPS, 60Hz at home. (still have it)
  • I use an HP Flat 24", 1080p, TN, 60Hz and a Acer Flat 27" 1440p, 60Hz, IPS at work.
  • I've seen/used 27" 1080p monitors.
Here's my opinion:
24", 1080p is the defacto standard for what most people are accustomed to. That's your baseline obviously.

On size though, 27" is the way to go. It's more immersive than 24", without being too big like 32". I sit at a distance from my monitor that I can reach out and juuuust touch the screen with my middle finger.

27" Resolution - This one is iffy because 27" is a transitional zone of people's opinions between 1080p and 1440p. For some (me), 1080p is too coarse at that size and things look pixelated. However, at 1440p, a 27" monitor is 109 pixels per inch (ppi), so its actually more pixel-dense than the 92ppi of a 24" 1080p screen. If you've got the money, 27" 1440p is the way to go.

Curved/Flat - As I stated above, I use both curved and flat 27" monitors. The curve isn't noticeable. The flat isn't a detriment. It's good to know that, with the recent influx of VA type panels (and naturally with TN panels as well), curving them helps reduce the off-axis color shift that you start to get toward the left and right edges of the screen for larger panels. Don't bother with curved for anything less than 27" though, that's a marketing gimmick.

Price - Here's where things get dicey. 27" @ 1440p is more pixel dense. Those monitors also cost more. Not only that, but if you're using one for gaming, you're going to have to spend more $$ on a GPU to drive games at playable frame rates compared to 1080p. You're drawing more pixels, plain and simple.

If you have the ability to visit a store or somewhere you can see both a 27" 1080p and a 27" 1440p monitor in person, do that. If 27" 1080p doesn't bother you, and you're feeling like QHD is too expensive, just get the 1080p one. It's YOUR preference.

One last thing if you're still on the fence - Most people end up keeping their monitors for a number of years. Typically 6+ years. Could be shorter than that, could be longer. Ignoring changes to one's financial situation over a given period of time, a lot of the length of ownership depends on the feature set you get with your monitor. Keep that in consideration also. If spending a tad more $$ might result in a monitor you end up keeping for years longer, then going with that ~6 year figure, just one year extra is nearly 20% more time....
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