Question 27" monitor recommendation for working with text on Macbook Pro


Mar 17, 2017
The title pretty much says it all. I'm shopping for a decent 27 inch monitor, will be used with a Macbook Pro (so USB-C charging is a plus). I will not be using it for games and movies - at all. I almost exclusively work with text.

Any recommendations? Shall I get a 4K monitor (together with the USB-C requirement that bumps the price tag substantially)? Is 2560x1440 enough?
Also Macs are extremely picky with monitors, I've tested it with some HD ones and the text looked horrible.
It looked horrible because the last few generations of macOS are geared towards retina displays. Which should require true 4K (2160p) or higher to enable retina scaling*. Early on there were issues where you had to manually enable scaling on unsupported 4K. But I believe Apple changed that to where it is automatic on any detected 4K connection now.

On lower resolutions using native non scaled text. There are some remedies to reduce blurriness. But they aren't that great.

Now if you want charging. The last I checked. The LG displays Apple sells are the best value. I didn't see anything cheaper with sufficient power delivery. Plus they are guaranteed compatible with Retina. The 5K is the best picture wise and matches Apple's intended PPI. But 4K looks good too at that size.