[SOLVED] 27 or 32 for 1080p?


Oct 31, 2015
TL;DR Can’t decide between 27 or 32 both same specs 1080p, 165hz, IPS displays. I have a 3070 and I can’t afford 1440p. HELP!

So long story not so short been using 40" 4k tv for the last 3 years never had anything higher then 60hz… TV broke and now instead of buying new tv looking into getting into the 100+ hz market for the first time.
I have a 3070, I do game a lot but also like to watch movies, anime, youtube etc on my computer… so with that in mind I’ve already decided on IPS panel. Thing is I cannot afford 1440p even less 4k that has higher then 60hz and for that might as well go back to tv… I found two monitors within my budget both different brands but with same specs 1080p, 165hz, 1ms, IPS, only difference is that one is 27 and the other 32. My 3070 can reach easy on any game the amount of fps needed for that amount of hz and I honestly don’t mind go back to 1080p but after doing so much research I still can’t find the solution… some say 27 is way too big for 1080p and others that 32 is not a big deal u can still enjoy it just fine and that u have to be way too picky to even complain about it.
SO if u read all that first thanks so much for taking the time for it and what do you think? can you help me decide please? (I’m typing on a 13" cintiq atm and this is SO small… I srly need to get new screen by tomorrow no matter what) THANKS!
If you only getting 1080p I would get 27inch as you might start to see pixels at larger sizes.

I had 4k 27inch, its too small.

I had 1440p 32inch now.