Nov 23, 2006
Looks like they're adding about $150 for a GTS250 that only has the ability to do physx. Seems like a bit of a ripoff.

The market for this is going to be small, but it's there. I can see people buying this that want to SLi 2x GTX275s and have a dedicated physx card, when their mobo only has two PCIe slots... or theres the people who have boards with only one PCIe slot and can't afford a GTX295, but still want to say they have two GPUs lol

I do like the idea though, even if it seems like it's trying to solve a problem that it doesn't exist. This might be more reasonable idea when DX11 compute shaders are more widespread and they find a way to shove all the compute stuff over to one GPU, and handle the rendering on the other.