2GB vs. 4Gb in vista 32.


Dec 25, 2007
Hi everyone...
I am using Windows vista 32... I have some softwares which do NOT run on 64, so pls dont ask me to upgrade to 64.. Now, this is my config..
Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz
ram: 2GB @ddr2667.
asus p5kc
nvidia 8800 gts..

I am upgrading my ram to DDR2-800 and would like to know whether 4GB will make a difference or not.. I use my PC mainly for gaming.. NFS carbon, UT2004, crysis, bioshock, etc.. Will the excess price i pay for 4gb ram make a real difference in my system? or shud i rather stick to 2GB? Please let me know.. Thanks.


Dec 11, 2005
Well.. if you buy another 2 sticks, you can get it to run in Dual Channel, adds some performance. You will also get access to approx 3.5GB of RAM

So it probably is it worth it. Also if you do decide down the track to go 64bit, you already have the memory....
With a 32 bit system, your 4 GB memory will default to 3.5 GB.
Only with a 64 bit system or Windows Server or Linux, you can have the full 4 GB.
Memory is real cheap right now. For gaming the graphics card and processor make a difference. I would say go for it if you have the money.