Question 2nd Monitor drops into standby mode sometimes on restart?

Dec 5, 2019
Hi! First time poster, I've done some pretty extensive googling on this and have never found an answer. I know with 100% certainty that it's not the cables or the drivers.

So I have a dual monitor setup, but they're not matching monitors. Number One is a large 22" Asus displaying at 1920x1080, connected via HMDI. Number Two is a squared off Samsung SyncMaster 740N that displays at 1280x1024, connected by VGA cable.

My problem is this. When I boot up my computer, the BIOS and boot menu, as well as the Windows 10 splash screen all appear on #2, every time, without fail. The monitor is definitely working. Then when it pops up the lock/login screen, #2 goes dark and the picture moves to #1. This is the standard, and it always works no matter what.

The deviation comes when I go to log into Win10. About half the time, #2 goes dark, with the power light flashing like it's in sleep/standby mode. Windows sees the monitor as working, and extends my display to the dark monitor. The drivers are all updated, and Win10 settings all see the monitor just fine, identify it, detect it, and think that it's working perfectly. I just can't see anything.

Now I can usually fix this by just powering all the way down, waiting a few seconds, and then booting up as normal. I may have to do it a couple of times; it's about a 50/50 shot of whether it's going to recognize the monitor or not.

Any thoughts? Fixes? Prayers? This has been a real pain in the neck, and for some reason tonight I've rebooted 5 times and #2 won't come back.
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