Question 2nd monitor issue


Aug 7, 2012

So I have 2 monitors, BenQ and a Crossover. The Crossover I have a problem with, If i use it as my main display windows 10 will logon, showing from boot until its logged in then it will stop working.

It is detected in Device Manager, nvidia settings and display settings. It's not ticked in the nvidia settings but I can't enable it and in the display settings it says Display 2 isn't active.

I've performed a DDU.

While completing a DDU in safe mode the computer would boot up and use it as a primary monitor without nvidia drivers. Though the resolution was capped at 800x600 and weren't able to change anywhere due to it being greyed out.

Once nvidia drivers were installed the screen would go into standby and the other monitor would activated. I tried this again without my other monitor plugged in, exact same thing the monitor went into standby without my other monitor plugged in.

So is this related to an nvidia problem or me? The resolution cap has maybe make me think it is me, as I am using a HDMI to DVI converter though my other monitor is using DP connector.

This is also in the event log, Device DISPLAY\ACH00FA\5&2fa9917f&4&UID155906 was configured. From my re-search this has come from a windows 10 update but I've had this problem for a long while not being able to fix it in the pass so I have no idea what update it is.

Any suggestions would be apprecitated, thank you.