2nd pc build Qs. little new pc building


Sep 4, 2013
Hello everyone. Im new to this forum and pc forums in gen.im workn on piecing my 1st build together. Reason i want a better rig than my 1st build(amd BE 555 radeon5770) is to play up coming games and catch up on crysis series, bf3 skyim ect. Also get into a little overclocking if worth. In looking at a gtx 770 and an i5 or i7. Not sure how much a diffrence with i5 or i7. Or even amd at that. Also ive been starting to look at read about water cooling kits (xpsc) and xpsc water block for 770. Any imput. Also 3 monitors not sure the res. But any fps reff?
What is nudget for this build?

GTX 770 is fast card and good. SLI 760 is faster than 780 so maybe this is good choice too.

For monitor Id get first one good monitor. This good monitor and really cheap price.

i5 is good enough for gaming. For rendering and editing i7 is better.
First pick up good parts and then look build water cool pc.

First pic up case. Then it is easy to fit parts in case.
This is the best case to build water cooling or air cooled pc.
Bit modding and 3*180mm rad can be fitted easily.

Im looking waterpump res combo like this for my build. Did find this.

If you like to look FPS results then look Guru3D and techpowerup forums.