Question 2nd router as access point very slow when security is on

Mar 7, 2019
I have:
Comcast internet <--> Zoom 5341J modem <--> Linksys BEFSR4 router <--> Netgear 8-port Switch GS108 <--> Windows 7 PC

All working good. I installed an old Linksys WRT45G wifi router to use as an wifi access point for my Lenovo tablet w Android 7. I connected it to the Linksys BEFSR4. I'm using static IP so LOCAL DCHP Server is disabled on the Linksys BEFSR4.

On the wifi WRT45G I set a unique local IP address and enabled DHCP Server (if I don't enable it the tablet will not connect). I also entered static DNS1 and 2. I left wireless security disabled for testing. My tablet then connects via wifi to the WRT45G ok and says "Connected" and Chrome on the tablet opens web sites fast.

But when I turn on wireless security on the WRT45G, such as WAP2 (I've tried others ) the connection says "connected, no internet". And it takes a full minute to bring up Most sites time out.

Why is Chrome too slow when security is on? If I leave security off I know someone can access my internet, but can they access my PC?

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Running the DHCP server on the WRT is not a recommended method of using this as a AP. You want to assign a lan IP that is compatible with your network, disable the dhcp server and let your main router give out IP, use the LAN ports not the WAN ports on the WRT box.

You are using a device that is more than 10yrs old. It runs 802.11g which is extremely old and slow compared to the current systems. When you consider we now use 802.11ac and 802.11n is newer than your router.

WPA2 had all kinds of issues when it first came out. It depends on what firmware level you are running that router on. There are multiple hardware revisions of that device so that makes it even harder to update the firmware.

I would find the nearest trash can and put that router in it. You can then go to a garage sale and buy a "new" router that is only 5yrs old that runs 802.11n for $5. You can get brand new 802.11ac routers for under $25