[SOLVED] 2x low end computers into 1 slightly better low end computer help


Jul 12, 2013
good evening folks so ill start with info on the 2 systems and then what i would like to know / what you think about my idea

system 1 (working and in use)

fx6300+m5a97 r2.0 mobo+cm evo 212 fan
2x4gb 1600 ddr 3 ram just corsair low profile vengance ram
rx570 8gb
2x 120 gb ssd 1 with os
1xwd green 1tb hdd
cx500 80+bronze non modular psu

system 2(not in use)
x4 860k+a88x-g45+h75 aio
2x4gb ram corsair vengeance but with tall red heat spreaders 2100 but only run at 1600?
no gpu
1tb wd black no os
rm550 80+gold

1)so i rate the fx6300 over 860k but would like the h75 to go on fx6300 i dont have any additional mounting hardware will i need any or can i just swap it over? if not can someone link what i would need?

2)ram have both been running at 1600 both corsair vengeance but one is sold as capable of running higher speed with there be issues with just putting another 2x4gb sticks in as i used to hear horror storeys of never mixing ram or else

so i wanna put the best computer i can together for now as a project till this pandemic thing blows over in a few months then buying a whole new set up then but also dont wanna screw anything up

thanks for input


1. FM2+ and AM3 use the same mounting bracket. Although I can't say definitively. I believe it'll fit. It won't hurt anything to try. The heatsink either will or won't line up and mount.

2. At worst it won't boot with the mix. If it doesn't then turn it off again and remove the added RAM. It'll likely work. Perhaps at a lower default speed. You may have to mess with the RAM OC settings to optimize performance.

3. I'd think that second PSU is better. It's it a Corsair RM550x? If it is then it is much better.

4. Also move over the HDD.