Question 2x Viewsonic XG2402 with different brightness OSD settings?

Feb 10, 2020
Sorry for the long post, but I don't know how else to explain this.

I have 2x Viewsonic XG2402 monitors side by side. There is a % bar at the bottom of the XG2402s OSD, which I think is overall brightness or contrast(?) that changes when you change the brightness (but it's not the same number as brightness it's a separate % bar that moves independently).

If I do memory recall and reset everything to default on both, and then look at that % bar on the bottom of the OSD, one monitor shows a much higher % than the other while on the same settings.

For example, if I change brightness to 60 on both monitors with all other settings the same, the left monitor has 76% OSD brightness bar, and the monitor on the right shows 49% on the brightness bar. View:

Another example; 38 brightness on both, and left shows 62%, and right shows 43%.

If I turn the brightness on both all the way down, that OSD bar does go to 40% on both, as well as turning brightness all the way up, both OSD brightness bars go to 100%.

So if lower the brightness to 0 on both monitors and look at that % bar while raising the brightness, the OSD % bar is different for each monitor and they change differently between the two monitors. The one on the right has to go to 20 brightness to get the overall brightness bar to go up even 1% more to 41%. The monitor on the left goes to 41% after brightness goes up just one.

Here is a video of that showing the one on the left first starting at 0 brightness:

Here is a video of the opposite, starting at 100 brightness and with the right monitor first:

So I am pretty sure the one on the right has something wrong with the brightness or contrast ratio or something, but I could be interpreting it wrong and I could have it mixed up?

Looking at the Lagom's black level test(, I can see the top left most box stand out better on the left monitor.
The blacks do look blacker on the right monitor, and the whites look whiter. It's hard to explain, but you can kind of see it in these pictures: View:
. You can also see a line in the middle of the screen on both monitors, but it stands out more on the left hand side one.It is sort of like IPS glow(though it's a TN).

I have to return one of these monitors, and was going to return the one on the right and keep the one on the left, but am I making the right decision? What would you do? I don't like the glow line thing on the left monitor that stands out more on that one, but I don't really see it while gaming.