Question 2x16 2400mhz vs 2x8 3200mhz for gaming

Apr 28, 2019
Hello guys. I own an Asus gt-51 with 1080 sli and i7-7700K. Sadly the pc came only with a single channel 16gb 2400 ram. (samsung) Should i buy one more 16gb 2400mhz or should i buy a new pair of 2x8 3200mhz? Thanks in advance.
Slight. When they did testing on this site with Ryzen and faster memory, gaming at 720p reaped the most benefits from the faster memory. At 1080p there was also some gain, but as the resolution went higher, the returns became very small, and, in my opinion, not worth the extra money.

Those performance gains will be less on an Intel chip. Frankly, unless the price for the faster memory happens to be about the same as the slower memory, I wouldn't bother. You might pay 10% more money for maybe 2% more performance, if that.

You definitely want dual-channel, thus a pair of matched RAM sticks, but don't pay a lot more for faster RAM on your system.