Question 2x8gb ddr4 3000mhz + Ryzen 5 3600x + X570 Elite = Okay or bad?

Aug 13, 2019
So idk if I've gone and goofed up here or what. It is my first solo build so be gentle with me.. :)

Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
CPU: Rysen 5 3600x
Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz 2x8GB 16-20-20-38

I've bought these components and are now worried that the ram isn't compatible with the rest. Am I correct or is it alright?

My main concern is that the ram frequency is not included in the mobo's manual. (Rookie mistake?!) I will wait with the building until i'm sure I can use the ram or if I need to swap it to 3200mhz. My budget don't would not really like the swap but hey.. life u know.

Thankful for any kind of help


Always the recomended is to buy ram kits from the support list. Manufacturer of course dont test all the kits out there or they dont update the list after bios updates especially gigabyte. My gigabyte motherboard had so few kits in their support list i just bought a kit that was not in the list and it worked just fine with xmp. I reccomend go to a higher clocked kit at least 3200mhz and the best is 3600mhz for 3rd gen ryzen. What is the use of the pc? Will you use the high speed m2 ssd's? X570 seems just a waste of money if you simple game why not take a B450 Tomahawk with a 3700x with the same money instead.


Jan 4, 2008
Open the For AMD Matisse CPU for your country.
I have that board and am currently running Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200MHz, but one of the sticks is bad and I am returning it and getting something else a little faster.
I would say your ram speed is a bit slow and the timings are pretty slow as well. I would do 3200 at a minimum for not that much more and faster still if you can up until 3800, but don't go beyond that as the way the infinity fabric of Ryzen works will actually slow you down. Go to youtube and look at the many Ryzen 3000 memory speed vs timings videos. The ones by Buildziod are pretty good, but honestly very boring.

By default 2133 is what your ram will run it. You will need to go into the bios and turn on XMP profile 1 and increase the RAM voltage to 1.35.

You can get 2x8gb 3200 CL16 (I know it's slow, but cheaper and 14 is really hard to find for a decent price now) for under $100 on newegg. I ended up buying some A-Data 3600 CL17 (some will say to slow, but it fits my budget and I need it now) from Amazon for $125. It's not in the Gigabyte supported list, but A-Data claims it will work with my system.

Currently $85 on Newegg. I have these now, but have a bad stick so am returning them, but if I didn't want to go faster I would have bought them again. On the supported list. A little faster with better timings then the ram you have now.

Good Luck
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