Question 2x8gb ram single channel?

Sep 3, 2020

I have a desktop PC configuration that consists of:

ryzen 5 3600 and spartan 4 max cooler
asus gtx 1660 super oc dual
msi b550m mortar wifi
crucial P1 nvme 1000gb
crucial ballistix 2x8gb 3600mhz
seasonic gc 650 80 plus gold
aerocool cylon mini white
shadow wings 2 additional pc case cooler

As i assembled the machine i couldn't boot it up. By doing some basic troubleshooting i figured out that for some unknown reason, motherboard's slots B1 and B2 just don't work. So when modules are inserted in A1 and A2 i can boot up and see the BIOS. If the modules are inserted in A1 and B1 or A2 and B2 the PC doesn't boot up and dram ez led light is on. Since i couldn't figure out what is the problem even after testing both modules with memtest86 ( no errors there) , reinstalling the cpu ( no bended pins ) and assembling everything from the scratch i gave it to the pc repair shop for some professional troubleshooting. So i was wandering in case i get the results that motherboard or some other damaged part is causing the issue and i can't claim the warranty , can i use the PC in A1 A2 slots 2x8GB single channel memory mode? is it recommendable in terms of system stability etc? And will it have a huge impact on performance in the games? I'm a casual player who'd be satisfied to have 60+ fps on high or even medium details on 1080p. Thank you .
hello, i know that so i'm asking in case i can't RMA what happens in that case , can the system be used with single channel memory and how would it perform
Single channel RAM can cause stuttering in a few games. You will also loose performance but how much depends on the game, it can be anything up to about 30% loss. You don’t want a single channel setup for a gaming pc.
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Actually, either the mobo ram slots are just bad which happens quiet a lot actually or this things are a result of bent cpu pins, or rusty connectors.... Also ryzen is very picky when it comes to ram... So dont worry if it works, it will be fine...