3.6Ghz E8400 running way too toasty


Oct 16, 2007
Hi, last year when I overclocked this sucker to 3.6Ghz on my GA-EP35-DS3L, never did I reach above 50ºC under hours of full load with Prime95, and idled at about 33ºC. I've been running it like that on 1.33v (way too high I know, but any lower then that wasn't stable under P95 for more then 3 minutes). Now, I have to raise the voltage to 1.35v, which is ridiculous. Most people are able to get at least 4.2Ghz under 1.35v! wtf is going on?? Anything under that is unstable!

Could my chip be dying because of the overclocking? Could it be because of the 80ºF ambient temperature up here? Could it be because this is a C0 stepping?

If I returned this to Intel, would they be able to tell if it was overclocked? Also, would I get a newer stepping back?


Jul 26, 2009
Your lucky , my E8400 on ASUS P5Q SE/L wont overclock above 3.8Ghz at less than 1.456v ( ASUS Arctic Square Cooler, lapped , silver thermal paste) at 1.456v it will clock to 4.2Ghz stable 33C idle 56C at 100% load 25C room temp