Question 3 Headsets each with diferent problems


Oct 15, 2016

So my PC is kind of a buggy mess with weird

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and i was trying to fix some sound issues i was having on my headsets. I will name them H1 , H2 and H3 for simplicity sake.
I was playing with my friends in discord using H1 and suddenly the mic started huming and buzzing really loud that they had to mute me.

I discovered that.
-H1 sound works perfectly in the rear or the front panel no worries
-H1 mic doesnt work in the front panel but it buzzes and hums in the rear panel (cant hear myself) and this sound is reduced when I touch the case (Grounding?)
-H1 mic works in another pc
-H2 sounds [Moderator edit to remove profanity] because is old
-H2 mic works in both panels
-H1 sound and H2 mic work perfectly together but are really uncomfortable.
-H3 mic is dead
-H3 sound doesnt work if H2 mic is connected.

This is getting pretty weird and i'd like some help with the issue without having to use a lot of money. Im broke rn

My specs are: - ASRock H61M-VG3 -- Intel i7 3770 -- 8gigs DDR3 RAM -- NVIDIA GeForce 750ti -- Thermaltake TR2 430W
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Yes that buzz is most likely a grounding issue. Check the front case audio headers to make sure they are connected to the motherboard audio out properly. You really have a few choices, buy a headset you like to replace them, try another sound card or fixing the front panel. There is nothing we can help you with if you don't like how the other headphones sound or fit.