3 Monitor Extend and Clone


Jun 15, 2011

I recently bought a HIS 6950 so i could connect my two monitors and my TV to my computer all at once.
After much trial and error I finally have the official Mini DisplayPort to DVI single link active adapter that is recommended by ATI. One monitor is connected by this adapter and the other by just a DVI connection.
My TV is connected by the HDMI port on the graphics card.
All three displays are 1920x1080 60Hz.

The problem is that no matter what i do i cannot manage to extend the two monitors and duplicate my primary monitor onto my TV. I somehow managed to get it working previously but after discovering screen tearing in minecraft due to a cable I had to change things around.

Now i can't get it to work anymore and my setup isn’t all that common so I’m asking if anyone has any knowledge of how to do this?

Also there seems to not be any confirmation button in the catalyst control centre when you change screen configurations or resolutions. This causes any changes to automatically revert after 15 seconds or so and seems quite a strange thing to happen in software so widely used. Is this just me or am I missing something?