Question 3 monitor setup rtx 2070

Aug 5, 2020
Hi guys,

I have a aoc c24g1 24 inch 144hz monitor, which I really like especially for the price, I have since some what spontaneously ordered 2 more as I want a 3 monitor setup.

I'm hoping for any advice as I have kind of jumped into it without doing too much research as I've never run more than one monitor, I have ordered a ergolynx 3 monitor stand which hopefully all fits together well, I've checked ports on graphics card which is rtx 2070 super and it has 3 dp ports, I have ordered 3 1.4 dp cables.

Will I be able to run all these in 144hz? Any specific setup issues with Nvidia ? Which resolution should I run, what kind of effect will it have on current performance?(I play alot of escape from tarkov, some racing games, GTA, loads of stuff really) I occasionally stream also.

Any advice is appreciated, monitors due to arrive on Friday.

My current pc spec is as follows

Windows 10 pro
32gb Corsair vengeance RGB 3200mhz
Asus Rog strix B450f
1tb M2 ssd
Corsair 850w modular psu 80+
Amd ryzen 3800 3.9ghz
Rtx 2070 super gaming trio X 8gb
(Feel free to critique my system as well)

Thanks !!!


Apr 5, 2020
Why did you order DisplayPort cables?
Monitor with displayport oftenly come with a displayport cables in the package.
Let me simplify the use of multiple monitors.
Lets say you are playing GTA,while having discord open in the background,while listening to some music on youtube.
You literally drag those tabs on the monitor you are wishing them to be displayed on.Thats it.
I've upgraded to a dual monitor setup last week,and it 'scared' also,but its really not that hard.
It doesnt affect performance in any way,you are just displaying more tabs on different displays
As @Djoza said, it will work upon installation. Essentially just make sure you're using display port cables and it should work fine, the 2070 should have 3 DP ports and 1 HDMI, check that first. If by some reason your monitors aren't in 144, open the nvidia control panel > under 'display' section click on 'change resolution' and you can set the refresh rate there manuall and it shuold save that setting automatically even upon reboot.

Since all monitors support 144Hz you should see no issues watching videos on one screen and playing games on another, if one of them was a 60Hz panel however, then you might come across some issues since DP and HDMI don't exactly play nice with each other. I know from personal experience. Any videos playing on my 60Hz monitor while not in full screen lowers my main 144Hz monitor down to 60Hz until the video is closed, paused, or full screen.
Aug 5, 2020
Thanks for reply guys, I ordered the display port cables as the one that originally came with the first monitor I bought is quite short and also read some where recently that someone had issues with using 1.2 cables even though not running 8k/4k or what ever. I just ordered as a precaution really to save me running into issues they was pretty cheap on ebay. I understand watching YouTube videos while gaming or having discord on another monitor, but of course I'm going to want to run games on 3 monitors like ultra wide screen ?
Thanks for the information on the 144hz running on all screens, don't think I could cope with playing on 60hz again.

Math Geek

that is a pretty nice monitor. i got one a few weeks ago for $145 !!! and kinda wish i'd ordered a second one. but if i see one again for such a cheap price i'll be getting that second one. i only game on one monitor but have a second 60 hz ips i use for other work. but something about 2 curved monitors just makes me a giggly and i kinda want it :)
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