3 pin fans driving me nuts! How to control them? Need help please!


Mar 14, 2016
I have 6 120x38mm fans in the basement of my case. They are 3 pin. I will also have another 3 120x25mm fans down there.

3 of the 120/38mm fans are joined with a splitter to make 1 connection. Same with the other 3 120/38mm.

The 120x25 are also joined with a splitter to make 1 connection.

I only need these fans to run at like 1200rpm but they go up to like 3000rpm and would like to see which rpm speed is best for performance and noise.

My mobo is a msi z170a titanium edition if that matters

can I just plug these into the headers and set a speed via bios or software?

I really don't want a fan controller if possible because I want to remove my drive bays to make room for a sick reservoir set up(I am running 2).

Trying to keep wiring to a minimum and clean as possible and the fan controllers can be kind of messy. I would like to just plug them into the mobo and control them via bios or software and just drop the voltage if possible.

Any suggestions?

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