Question 3 pin or 4 pin for case fan and manual curve?

Apr 7, 2021
Hello, this is my first ever post but I follow these quality forums for years so good to find you all :)
My question then:

my motherboard is an z490 Aorus elite ac v1.0
I have plugged 3 pin case fans on it that are pure wings 2 but the setup doesn’t work well for me so I want to change to silent wings 3.

Edit: My case is 500dx so I seek to use 2 static pressure fans as intakes

My main concern is if I can control the pwm fans by the motherboard to set my own curve and forget. Can that work or should I get 3 pin fans?

I would like to get the high speed 1600 rpm fans and set them to 800-1100 depending on my needs. Can this happen with pwm fans?
I am asking because I am not sure that 3 pin fans won’t stall at a low curve and because my temperatures are usually below 40c I would like to set the curve low but with my current 3 pin fans they stall.


3 pin high speed?
4 pin high speed?
4 pin low speed?
Which option would be the best to have a silent intake fans pc?
Many thanks and good to see you all thanks for any replies.
Apr 7, 2021
4-pin PWM fans attached to a 4-pin fan header allow for a custom fan curve profile to be set either in the BIOS or in your motherboard control software.
Thank you for your reply! Should I choose the option DC control and set curve or keep PWM or auto?

Basically I wonder if I can override the pwm at will but still have it there for summer time and let the motherboard do it’s own thing if weather is hot.

Mostly though I don’t want to hit the 1600 rpm which I presume will be very noisy. Thanks!!
the be quiet! Silent Wings 3 High-Speed PWM aren't very loud even at full speed, though definitely still audible.
my graphics card and the Noctuas on my CPU cooler are much louder.

you can set and alter the speed curve whenever you wish.

i keep my case fans' custom curve set @ 30% for 30°, 60% for 50°, 85% for 60°.