Question 3 speakers have no audio ports (?)


Aug 29, 2019

I have these 3 speakers, how am I supposed to connect them to my pc with only what I believe are power ports?
No idea what model these are.
Agree that would be a good choice if you want to build up a 5.1 system and just need a sub and a pair of rear channel speakers - a budget alternative, a small stereo amp for the 2 L/R speakers like this Fosi Audio BT10A might be more desktop-friendly choice since you only need the 2 smaller speakers. The bluetooth connectivity is convenient when your PC is off and want to play audio from your phone or tablet

The center channel can be used standalone, consider a mono amp like this PEMENOL TWS kit amp, and a power supply would make a decent kitchen audio player, also bluetooth to play from your phone or tablet