$300-$400 build for non gaming PC w/ capacity for 3 monitors


Dec 7, 2012
I have decided to build a desktop PC for my home. This is my FIRST build and I'm not very knowledgeable on computer hardware. I will use it with the Microsoft Office Suite, stream/watch video and music, and to surf the web. Basically, I use a PC for random stuff and random software and not really for gaming. I am going to initially run it on 2 monitors and possibly a 3rd at some point later. I may add a blu-ray player and hook it up to a stereo receiver in my surround sound.

I am looking to spend $300-$400 right now not including mouse, keyboard, or monitors. What are your recommendations as far as :

- Case (atleast 2 external optical drives, usb ports)
- Power Source (should i get a case with one attached)
- Video Card (do I have to get a certain type to run 3 monitors?)
- Motherboard
- Hard Drive/Storage (I dont download much music or movies so speed is > space for me)
- Audio card (is it necessary to get for my purposes?)

Also, what (if any) special hardware/cards/processors do you need to make the PC play video through a TV with HDMI and high quality?

This is my first build and any input (specific or general ) you share is appreciated. Thanks!



Apr 23, 2008
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You can easily bring cost down by removing SSD and changing to a cheaper case I chose that one for no particular reason, or swapping out the blu-ray burner for dvd burner. I put in the low end AMD Trinity as it can drive 3 monitors using a combo of DVI, HDMI, VGA to my understanding and it doesn't appear you area doing anything cpu or gpu intensive. If you really wanted more power I swap out the blu ray burner for a quad core trinity cpu.

The SSD is in there for a boot drive to give you the illusion of speed since having a faster CPU/GPU won't give it to you most likely as it doesn't look like your doing anything intensive. So having the ability to quickly load the OS, Browser, etc will probably be the best performance part for you.