300 GB Raptor Drive


Apr 17, 2012
So I found a Raptor Drive for $50 its 300 GB. Is it worth it? I pretty much have rebuilt my whole system except my drives which are old and full of clutter. I have been looking into SSD but my uncle said it wouldn't be wise to use it for booting games (my rig is aimed for gaming) and it is more wise to use for OS boot. I also found a 240 GB SSD for $180 (NEW). He says that since an SSD is basically a souped up flash drive it will wear faster using for games since game data is dynamic. Not that I don't trust his word but I don't know my ass from my elbow with SSD drives haha so any other info from users would be great. If anyone can shed some light on what the better buy would be let me know, thank you! :bounce:
Your uncle isn't entirely wrong. It is most advisable to use an SSD as a boot drive since that's where most of your time sensitive IO occurs. However, there's nothing wrong with using it for a game drive either. Most SSDs come with 3-5 year warranties and average life expectancy is between 7 and 10 years even under high usage. Contrary to popular belief, SSDs don't die out over night.