Dec 29, 2012
I have been reading about video cards alot at the moment. I never thought i'd be in this pickle. I want a 670gtx but for the money that i don't want to spend its out of consideration. So that leaves me to a 660 or 7950, now these 660's seem to be really good or really bad. Right now i'm running 260gtx (sli) i5 3450, 8gigs ram, and a z77 chipset. The game im trying to play is planet side 2 witch is nvidia tested from what i've seen. so thats my problem. if theres a better card out there for 300 or less. no more then 300 please. If any other information is needed for a better idea of what i'm looking for let me know i'll post it thanks.

the 660ti is prob your best bet"...

the 660ti is prob your best bet"



Nov 23, 2012
I have found a couple deals that can suit your needs

For $220, you can get a MSI GTX 660 Ti at

For $260, you can get a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB at

And although it may be out of your budget, you can get a Radeon HD 7970 at for $340

These deals have $20 extra taken off them from a visa promo code that allows you to take $20 off a $199+ purchase (keep in mind that you need to buy something else that doesn't have a free gift attached for it to work because all of these come with free games - you can buy an network adapter for $1 extra).

As for the video cards, the 7970 is obviously the best and one of the best on the market, but between the 660 Ti and 7950, they trade blows depending on the game. Nvidia tends to favor games like Battlefield 3 but sometimes the 192-bit bus cripples it at high resolutions. Personally I'm in favor of the 7950 with it's 3GB and it's 384-bit bus. But $40 may be a lot of money for your budget.

best cards your going get around that price are these i suggest you spend the extra you will not regret it