[SOLVED] 3000MHZ RAM DDR4, Is it worth to Overclock on an Asrock B450M Gaming?

May 27, 2020

I have a 3700x AMD CPU, GPU is a 2070 Super with a WD Blue NVME.2 Hard drive. My motherboard is an Asrock b450M gaming. I have a 600W 80 Gold power Supply. My Ram is 16 GB of DDR4 by Ballistx @ 3000mhz @1.35 Volts

I am new to all of this. So, I go into my Bios to check if I am getting all 3000MHZ of speed with my ram. Turns out I am. However, I notice there was an option in Bios to select over 5000MHZ RAM speeds. I didn't do anything, just kept it at my normal ram speed. It got me thinking though, can the asrock b450M with my cpu 3700x AMD be overclocked higher than 3000 ram without messing anything up, or should I stay at the stock Ram Performance. Two, my second question, does that mean, in the bios ram speeds, that the asrock b450m gaming can handle stock Ram 3600 or greater?

I was going to buy 16 more GB of 3000 ram, but now I am questioning it. However, idk how much the B450M gaming can take in ram speed for stock. When I search B450M gaming, I get MSi motherboards not Asrock.

Thanks guys, this was my first time ever in my Bios thanks to this forum.

I use my computer for editing videos and youtube and gaming on pretty light graphics. Also, is my power supply adequate?