Question 3060 Ti won't reach core clock frequency ?


May 1, 2014
So I have two MSI 3060 Ti Gaming X cards for mining. The one I bought works fine. The one I just got doesn't mine nearly as fast as the other one and doesn't seem to be reaching the core clock frequency. This is the only thing I can see that's wrong with the card because it is not overheating. I've tried switching slots with the other card that is mining at it's true speed of nearly 60 Mh/s, but this card will only do about 55 Mh/s. I tried even setting in the nvidia control panel, under 3D settings, to prefer maximum power and to no avail.

Wondering what I can do here, to potentially avoid returning the card.

Mining rig specs:
2x MSI Gaming X 3060 ti (twin fan)
Mobo: Biostar tb250-btc
4GB ram
PSU: EVGA 850w G3
Some details we're missing here:
  • What coin you're mining
  • What clock speeds your card is reaching & what it should be reaching
  • Any overclock settings to VRAM
  • Are the VRAM chips from the same manufacturer (micron, samsung, etc)
  • Temperatures
I'm not sure if you're new to mining or not but one thing you learn when mining is that not all cards are built the same. There will be some small differences between cards that make them slower or faster.
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