Question 3060 works in old PC build but not in new one ?

Jul 10, 2020
I was helping a friend with a new PC build.
When powering it on all the case fans and cpu fans spun up but the video card fans did not and there was no display signal.
Also any usb peripherals plugged in did not seem to receive power.

I then took out his 3060 from his new build and put it inside my 2014 PC build and the video card worked, the fans spun and the display showed the bios without issue.
I then put his 3060 back into the case and tried using my power supply to power just the card while his power supply still powered all the rest of the components.
His video card would not show a display or spin the fans so it seemed to not even be running.

I am not sure if it's his motherboard but what else it could be?
I've already shown the video card worked in my old PC build and I even used my power supply while it was in his new build to see if it was his new PC's power supply causing an issue but it still wouldn't start up so I don't think it's his PSU.
I've also tried both PCI-E slots on his motherboard and the same issue occurred.
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Mar 11, 2021
Have you updated that motherboard bios? Looks to me the pic e slots are not feeding the card any current to start. What happens if you only use one stick of ram?