Question 3070 getting 10-20% load

Sep 30, 2022
hey there, i recently bought a gigabyte 3070 and im trying to run ray tracing on cyberpunk and im pulling terrible frames compared to what i see on youtube videos with my same specs, i did a benchamark and it looks like im underperforming and im clueless as to what the reason is. here are my specs
-Gigabyte b450 Aorus elite
-Amd ryzen 7 5800x
-nzxt kraken x53 cooler
-corsair vengence 16 gb ram ddr4 3200
-gigabyte rtx 3070
-seasonic w 80+ bronze 620 w
my ram is clocked at 3200 and cpu is as base clock. gpu is also overclocked.
If anyone has any idea as to what my problem could be any help is appreciated.


Feb 4, 2016

Shouldn't be any need to overclock your gpu.

Your ram is only 3200mhz when the optimal fclk for a 5800x is 3600mhz

Your PSU doesn't look too quality. What's the exact model?

Well here's the psu tier list you can figure out of you want to trust it. Evga have a top of the line platinum model on offer at the moment.

So there's all kinds of variations in performance basically. Your gigabyte board is not the strongest on the range for what you want to do with it - gtx 3070 + 5800x due to the weakish vrrrooms. (vrms). Which are a bit like an engine clutch. They feed voltage to the cpu.

So 3 flags: The psu doesn't look too quality
: The 5800x + 3070 on a budget board
: The memory isn't 3600mhz

So here's how the story goes: Suppose you think you don't want to splash for a PSU & Stronger board but decide to get 3600 memory. Your CPU steps up it's performance a notch... and then your entire system fizzles due to the increased power draw that the psu and board can't sustain.

You have a reasonable cooler but that doesn't really make up for sub optimal voltage regulators on the mobo vrms.

You should also have a look at The brewing problem with gpu power design from gamer's nexus. The 3000 series can produce transient power spikes of 550w for 100ms under load.

That exceeds your PSU capacity and if it isn't one that handles 'transients' well you're on the road to perdition.

The least you must do is upgrade your power supply. The optional extras (although I would strongly recommend it) is to upgrade the board and memory too.

My recommendation is that you search and read the review of any product you plan to buy before you buy it, rather than picking any random board and finding out later it's bottom of the range, or taking anyone's word for it.

Read reviews. Spend money. Avoid disappointment. Have fun.
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