Question 3070 won't install drivers properly? Software or hardware problem?

Apr 22, 2021
Hello, as stated in the title, during a driver update on my gigabyte 3070 today, my monitor blacked out (as it usually does with driver updates), however it did not light up again. After 5-6min i decided to reboot. The system posted, but didnt move on from a black screen after that. I rebooted again, entered the bios where all the settings had been reset. I tried booting specifically to the drive with windows just in case, but it just stayed on a black screen, not even outputting the color, just turned off.

I decided to then reinstall windows, as i had a win10 usb ready to go anyway (created with the official microsoft media creation tool). After some expected shenanigans with my ssd (had to reformat it a couple of times) I was back into a fresh install of windows. I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary, so i started installing the programs i need including the nvidia drivers. Upon installation, the same thing happened - monitor turned off, but didnt turn back on. Same scenario, waited a couple of minutes then reinstalled windows again.
I then tried an older driver, 457.something, where after installing, the gpu would disconnect and reconnect every ~3 seconds. I somehow got to the device manager, where it said that my 3070 wasnt working properly, code 43. I tried updating to the newest driver through Geforce Experience, only to end up at scenario 1 - black screen.

Should i contact gigabyte for my warranty? Does this lean more towards a software or a hardware problem?