Question 3070TI & I7 9700k LOW FPS CSGO

May 11, 2023
Hello people..

Im not a big tech guy, and really have 0 knowlegde about it.

But recently I upgraded my 1070 to a 3070TI, since then i've noticed lower fps in games such like CSGO, Rust, Wow, and so on.

Currently running csgo any map with 100-230 fps🥲 Used to be 300-400 when i had 1070 in my pc…

My specs are following:

I7 9700K 16 GB Ram (running 2666MhZ)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI 8GB

I've been in bios and XMP are turned on, so didn't make a difference going in there..

What can my problem be? All I did was upgrading my graphic card...

I did reinstall drivers via DDU


That should be enough.

Confirm the GPU is reaching reasonable clock speeds under load (MSI Afterburner)

Double check Nvidia control panel settings to make sure that Dynamic Super Resolution didn't get turned on (this would render your games at a high resolution and then downscale)

One simple thing to try is changing settings and resolutions in the games. Often times this will trigger a rebuild of cached files.