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Question 3070TI Thermals and Perf Limits?

Jul 20, 2021
Please forgive my ignorance if I am being to concerned about thermals/perf limit flags, I have no intention whatsoever of overclocking so not even sure if this is relevant for me to care about, but I am curious.

Just got my 3070TI today... blessed be BB. And I am curious as to what the norm is for thermals... while gaming I am between 70c and 80c.

I have not adjusted anything at all on the card itself.

I did however adjust my fan profile in bios for my chassis fans to move to 100% based on CPU temp.

Im also curious to know what the thermal limit is for this card before it begins to throttle itself.

Follow up question... is it normal for me to be hitting Performance Limits (HWINFO) such as Power and Reliability Voltage with a stock card? I do not intend to overclock so im not sure If I should be concerned with these limits having been reached.
And I am curious as to what the norm is for thermals.
depends on the version of the card and your system-wide cooling.
most with a good shroud & fans and a good system-wide cooling setup seem to report idle ~32°C, full load ~65°C.

have you checked at what temperature the fans begin to spin?
most are designed to stay as quiet as possible so adjusting the fan curve to be more aggressive should help some.

also, if you are using Afterburner with a 3rd party card it can lead to fans failing to startup at all.