Question 3080 10 GB - RT performance is good, until its not. 3080 10 GB - RT performance is good, until its not.


May 26, 2012
So I’ve noticed this only with heavy RT games. And only with 2 at that. Dying Light 2 and Witcher 3 now. Both at 1440p and most RT settings on.

It’s a very odd issue I’m having cuz the performance will be great for most of the time. But then it kind of hits a point and falls off a cliff and then can never recover. Like I’ll be getting 45 FPS one moment, but then something will cause the performance to just tank and then FPS will get stuck at 25-30 FPS.

I’ve looked into it a bit and saw similar behavior related to VRAM overheating. But I checked the VRAM temps and they are fine. Hotter than the core but usually around 86. Hottest I’ve seen it is 92. So I don’t think that’s it.

Mem usage is much leas than the max when this happens somI don’t think I’m running out of VRAM. Usually at about 9 gb of the 10.

Anybody familiar with this issue? Any way to fix it?

i9 10850k @5.0
16 GB 3600Mhz
If you are only getting 45 fps you may need to turn a few of the RT settings down and see if that helps. I’ve never used one of those cards but I actually just ordered one today so looking forward to trying it out. But just judging by the fps you are getting it sounds like the card feels like it’s getting pushed pretty hard. As a test you may turn RT off, see what performance is like as a bit of a baseline, then slowly turn them back up until you experience issues then back off a bit and test again.

The 3080 is a pretty powerful card but they aren’t the newest 4080 or 4090.