Question 3080 AORUS MASTER - not ramping up clock speed and running out of video ram


Mar 17, 2010
For the past week, my 3080 that I've had seen January, has been acting very strange.

I got a new video card driver, as one does, and ever since, I was going into games, and the gpu refused to throttle up its clock speed, resulting in very low frame rates (as one would expect).

I rolled back to the previous driver, and the problem went away, temporarily. The next, it was back. I got on a live chat with nvidia, and they thought it was a software error, had me run a tool to clean off all drivers, and to a clean install of the latest nvidia drivers.

Once again, it worked, for a time. I have found that AORUS engine, while running simultaneously with Afterburner, was causing problems too. I only recently installed AORUS engine, but have used afterburner for years with every card I've owned.
Now, the new problem I'm seeing is that my video card, with 10GB of video/texture ram, is running out of memory!

I could not launch a game, telling me I was out of video ram, then in Ark, while playing, I crash out with an error telling me I'm out of memory. I have 16 gb of system ram, so it's not that.

Again, I've been using this card for months, with afterburner, with Ark and many other games, and never, ever had either of these issues.

Is the card bad? I can't figure out what else to try.

I flashed my card to the F4 drivers, then thinking they were the culprit, I re-flashed F2. Same problems exist.