[SOLVED] 3080 Crashes in Random Games

Jan 24, 2021

I have been having weird crashes in some games, that forces a weird sort of crash. The machine randomly restarts, and it is an immediate restart, the monitor loses signal and goes black, and then the next moment it is rebooting.

This is a new machine, and I first encountered this while playing Escape From Tarkov, it happened twice in quick succession, but had not happened leading up to then. I then downloaded Red Dead Redemption 2 and played over multiple occasions for many hours without any issue. I then downloaded Squad and tried it out, and had two crashes in quick succession just like with Escape from Tarkov. So it appears to be random, but happening in some games, but not others. I ran the Heaven Benchmark and it ran perfectly fine. I am not too technical, but it maxed at around 78c for temps, which I assume is fine. I am wondering if anybody else is having this issue? I found a forum post from a while ago that was extremely similar, 3080 crashes with Squad and Tarkov, but they had an old PSU and the solution they tried was to replace it. I am waiting to hear back from them to see if it fixed the problem. I am running the latest nvidia drivers.

Ryzen 5900x
3080 Founders Edition
Gold 850w PSU Coolermaster
CoolerMaster AIO 360mm