Question 3080 fans max speed, no display

Mar 7, 2023
Hi all, I have been having some funky issues that I cannot seem to fix and was wondering if anyone had some ideas on how to help. My GPU has been randomly going max fan speed, and then display is off. I cannot make any inputs besides through my microphone, and I can still hear. Full system specs:
•Ryzen 7700X
•Deepcool AK620
•B650 Aorus Pro Max
•Aorus 3080 Master (rev 3.0)
•Lian li lancool 205 mesh
•Seagate barracude 2TB hard drive
•Enermax revolution D.F 850 gold PSU
•Sabrent rocket 4 plus 1Tb(os)
•One 1440p 144hz displayport 1.4,1.2,1.1
•One 1080p 144hz diplayport 1.2,1.1
To go a little deeper, this issue occurs seemingly at random in any games. I've found some games do it, and it happens frequently playing them, and some will simply not do it. Games such as fall guys/outer wilds will do it(not graphically intense afaik) and other games such as the dead space remake will not despite being very intensive. I cannot recreate this issue in benchmarking tools such as furmark/3dmark, and my GPU scores above average in them every time. CPU just performs as expected.

Yes, I have ran DDU many, many times. I rolled back the furthest stable driver version and it persisted. I reinstalled windows, however I will note I did the cloud download and didn't use a windows installation media which I might need to retry. Also have run sfc /scannow and all of those. Temps are a little warm, but not sure if it is the cause. GPU maxes at around 78C~, memory junction is around 86C-88C, and hot spot maxes out at 90. I repasted this GPU and temps improved, issue still happens. This issue happens with overclock or at stock, on everything. I have reset bios to default and made sure I have no overclock and the error still occurs. I've seen around that theres issue with display port x2 in rare cases, and as I wrote only one supports display port 1.4. I am going to test one monitor for a few days, see if issue persists, and update. Also gonna see if I have any separate GPU cables(none are daisy chained right now BTW) and use those. But any other solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Also; I get a windows error in event viewer about DWM.exe if I leave it on for a bit before restarting. Only other errors I get before it is something to do with application permissions and a ton of numbers, will check in a bit and type all the event viewer errors here.

EDIT: My GPU was purchased used so the warranty was already gone when I repasted, and also don't think I'd get support for it. Previous owner has proven it was not used for mining and did not report the same issues I have had.