Question 3080 FTW3 Ultra Fan #2 Doesn't Spin

Mar 31, 2022
This only starter occurring 2 week or so ago. In EVGA PX1, I have a custom fan curve set, with the option for all 3 of the fans on the card to follow it. Upon doing, so and hitting apply, fans 1 and 3 are the only ones that spin. The odd thing is, the % at which fan 2 is supposed to spin is still following fans 1 and 3, but it just doesnt spin. I've checked the card physically thinking that maybe it just doesn't reflect in PX1, but alas it still isn't spinning. As far as I can tell, fan 2 doesn't have anything physically wrong with it, I took the card to see if maybe if it was stiff and unable to spin but it spins just like the others, nothing felt off. The fan connectors on the card itself are all connected fine, nothing seems off there either. The card is pretty new, maybe like 3 months or so old, so I don't think its a physical issue at all. Any one have any advice on what to do, and or similar issue they were able to resolve? Or is this a case of just getting an RMA going? Pictures of curve settings and fan 2 still using a % here.